Fancy Boys founder Matt Drufke doesn’t know anything about football. Lucky for him, Brandon Andreasen and Jack Baker do.

Each week, Matt emails Brandon and Jack NFL questions, they then immediately go and make fun of his lack of knowledge in a secret group chat. They then go and answer the questions. Here are those answers.

Well, gents, we did it. We got ourselves to the big game. Now let’s talk about who has the best chance to win it. We’ll start with Kansas City, who had to overcome early double-digit deficits in both of their playoff games before going on offensive explosions to win. But they’re facing a defense that’s pretty damn good. So, let’s focus on this question: how many points will the Chiefs have to be down in the first half before they start to worry?

Brandon- 21. Three touchdowns going into the half feels like too much, just because this defense is such a different animal. Plus, Kyle Shanahan should be able to hold that lead because their running game is so good and the Chiefs rush defense is such a weakness. That being said, we have seen Shanahan blow a 25 point lead in the Super Bowl, so all bets are off.

Jack – Any points? I get that the Chiefs can come back in a hurry, but the Super Bowl is a different animal. Who knows how they’ll react once they’re on the field and especially if they’re losing at halftime. Andy Reid has a tendency to blow it in big games too.

Focusing now on the 49ers, who put up two very convincing wins to show that they were clearly the best team in the NFC. Is their defense good enough to go up against some of the most important playmakers in the game?

Brandon-They damn well better be. There isn’t a clear weakness on the 49ers defense. They can get into Patrick Mahomes’ face and make him uncomfortable throwing the ball. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Chiefs score an easy 34 points.

Jack – The 49ers have a GREAT defense. Their years of drafting defensive linemen in the first round have given them a terrifying line that is talented enough to put pressure on Mahomes, while still keeping him in the pocket. Richard Sherman has proven once again that he is one of the greatest football players of this generation. And the most important player of all, my former classmate at NIU, Jimmie Ward patrols the middle of the field. I really don’t think he’s the key to their defense, but he’s had a great season and I’m pretty sure we had sociology together.

We’ve talked about Jimmy Garoppolo before, but he’s definitely a key to Sunday’s game. In the playoffs, Kyle Shanahan has given him a very specific set of directions: you don’t have to do too much, just don’t lose us the game. And the results are hard to argue with. But, will Jimmy G have to do more than that for San Francisco to be victors? Or is the running game and defense solid enough for the 49ers to win?

Brandon-The Titans lost because they couldn’t pivot to a passing game when the Chiefs stopped the run. The 49ers are a more well coached team than the Titans and they should be able to scheme open players downfield. Jimmy is going to have to throw for 300 yards and two touchdowns. I think he can, but if he also turns the ball over, San Francisco is screwed.

Jack – The 49ers defense, running game, and Kyle Shannahon’s creativity on offense are enough for them to win. They didn’t have to pass against the Packers, because Green Bay was unwilling to tackle and Shannahan is smart enough to stick with what works. The Chiefs defense will probably tackle with a little more effort than the Pack did, but I don’t think it will be enough.

Last prediction of the season. 49ers vs. Chiefs… who do you got?

Brandon-Chiefs 34   49ers 31

Jack – 49ers 28 – Chiefs 24

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