2020-21 Utah Jazz Guy to Watch: Bojan Bogdanovic

Bojan Bogdanovic is way too good to be overlooked, but here we are. The Utah Jazz are a genuine title threat, and their starting five is a group of guys with very defined roles. For Bogdanovic, its being a defensive goon while also having a deadly long-range shot. He finished 10th in the league in threes made and is 16th on the active list for true shooting percentage. If he was playing for one of the glamour franchises, he’d be heralded for his skill and his dad bod. The reason Bojan has to be on this list is because he plays for the Jazz, so he’s overlooked. Utah is already a fun team to watch, but in between the smooth passing of Mike Conley, the board crashing tenacity of Rudy Gobery, and Mr. Everything Donovan Mitchell, be aware of just how damn great Bojan Bogdanovic is night in, night out. In a just society, he’d be an all-star, but here we are adrift in the sorrows of the real world. Appreciate the dad bod god. He’s brilliant.

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