2020-21 New York Knicks Guy to Watch: Mitchell Robinson

Mitchell Robinson is a Knick, and that’s just a shame. Even if the once-storied franchise is almost off the floor, it’s still just sad that they exist at all. There are bright spots, though, and Robinson is one… when he stays out of foul trouble… which is rare. Having to bear the mark of “the next great Knicks big” is a lot of pressure, but this time it might just be correct. He snared 3 offensive rebounds per game, and the subsequent putbacks helped him finish with the league leading shooting percentage of .742. He needs to improve from the charity stripe in order to become a true threat and help the Knicks out of the lottery, but really, he can only do so much. The future for New York might be brighter than the past or present, and developing Robinson is going to be key to the number of lumens they’re going to see at the end of this generation-long tunnel. I loved the Obi Toppin pick in this year’s draft, and I’m genuinely excited to see what Mitchell and Obi can do if they’re on the floor together.

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