2020-21 Memphis Grizzlies Guy to Watch: Jaren Jackson Jr.

Jaren Jackson, Jr. needed Ja Morant. Ja Morant needs Jackson. They are already one of the most exciting tandems in the game, and now a year older are each ready to take the next step. You hopefully already know Morant, so its time to know Jackson. He suffered from a torn meniscus and might have been the difference maker in the play-in tournament if he had been there. The Grizzlies are a very young team and may suffer from inexperience as they try to ascend in the West, and Jackson’s health will be a crucial element to that success. He’s a 6-11 monster who can shoot the ball from all over the court. His size and skill allow him to create his own shot, and his meteoric point guard is there to trade off open looks. His shooting form is strange. He almost looks like he levitates laterally even from a catch and shoot opportunity, but man he can knock down shots from well beyond the arc. Jackson is one of those prototype new bigs who can cut like a guard, shoot like a guard, and still punish their positional equals under the basket. He also has a big problem with fouling. If he can fix that and stay on the floor more in early game situations, the Grizzlies won’t be just a spoiler.

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