2020-21 LA Clippers Guy to Watch: Luke Kennard

Luke Kennard has been a “guy to watch” for a few years. Last season, he succumbed to bilateral knee tendonitis, which is a major concern for a 24 year old expected to take more than ten shots a game. Moving to LA’s second unit will help keep his minutes down and try to maximize his production. If healthy, Kennard has that 50/40/90 potential. On a team that was snuffed out due to complete incompetence in the most dire of situations, maybe having a consistent knock-down shooter will give the Clippers’ stars a breather. It’s really hard justifying anything this dumb franchise does, but when you have never even made the Western Conference Finals, you have to look at any shred of positivity as a sign that something might change. Kennard can ball, when healthy. Kawhi will probably rest a bunch, Paul George too, so he might get more minutes than expected in those situations. I’d love to see him have a chance here, but my god this team is depressing to think about.

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