2020-21 Los Angeles Lakers Guy to Watch: Dennis Schröeder

Dennis Schröeder has spent his career being overlooked because of the role he was cast to play. Toward the end of his Atlanta tenure, he was made the starting point guard. The Hawks relied on him to be their main offensive target, and well, they won 24 games. In OKC, he was put behind Russell Westbrook one year, Chris Paul the next. What this year will show is how much he learned from one or the other (I’d gather LeBron hopes the latter). Now, he’s surrounded by two of the top 5 players in the game. Some reports have him as the backup, but I don’t see how someone of his maturity and skill will be denied the opportunity to, at least in name, be the Lakers’ starting PG. Los Angeles gave up Danny Green and a pick to get Schröeder. While he isn’t as deadly beyond the arc as Green, he can create plenty of his own looks as well as give the Lakers a young-but-experienced weapon alongside their behemoths.

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