17: 1954 Topps Hank Aaron

Remember what I said about 1955 Topps? Well the same goes for it’s predecessor, 1954 Topps. An absolutely beautiful design, and i’m personally a huge fan of the vertical look. Oh, and the card just happens to be of one of the greatest players ever, the guy who hit (depending on who you ask) the second most home runs in league history. Hank Aaron is one of the most iconic and enduring names in the history of baseball.
The 1954 set could win an “All Time Iconic Set” off, so Hammerin’ Hank is standing in for any number of great cards from this set.

Random Hank Aaron Fact: Over his career, Aaron didn’t make the All Star game in only two seasons, his rookie year, and his final year. In between, he would make 25 All Star Games.

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