23: 2007 Topps Derek Jeter

If you were just scanning through packs of 2007 Topps, looking for hits, you might have missed this card initially. There wasn’t anything remarkable about this year’s Jeter card. It was his 15th in the base set history. But if you really key in on the card, something, or more accurate, someone stands out. That is George W. Bush in the crowd of the set. This would be the second time a sitting president named Bush was on a Topps card. In 1990, Topps gave president George HW Bush a small amount of cards featuring an image of the elder Bush during his playing days at Yale.
You could be forgiven if you thought that was the only photoshop in the card. That is Mickey Mantle is in the dugout. Topps was starting to experiment with the idea of doing short print and super short print variations of base cards. This was one of the most interesting early cards and it immediately sky rocketed in value. Without knowing the exact print run, the card quickly gained value, selling for hundreds of dollars when they were first released. The card has come back down to a reasonable level but is a key turning point in sports card companies adding endless variations to sets.

Random Derek Jeter Fact: Jeter made the All Star team 14 times over his career. He was the sixth pick in the 1992 Draft. The five players drafted ahead of him combined for 2 All Star Game apperances.

2 thoughts on “23: 2007 Topps Derek Jeter

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