20: 1992 Bowman Mariano Rivera

Some cards don’t have to be super valuable to be iconic (a mint 9 can be purchased on eBay for under 125 dollars). Sometimes the image on the card combined with the player in the image completely makes the card. Look at how great this picture is. Why does it appear Rivera is pushing over that beam? Who dressed Mariano? The outfit is glorious, from the white chinos to the tucked in collared short sleeve shirt. He appears to be 18 years old in this picture.
A failed starter, Mariano Rivera would move to the bullpen and after a year setting up for John Wetteland, he would step in to become the most iconic closer in the history of baseball. This card acts as a time capsule to one of the all time greats.

Random Mariano Rivera Fact: Rivera is the first person to be inducted unanimously into the MLB Hall of Fame. Voted on by baseball writers, every person before him were left off at least one ballot.

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