Friday Five: September 20th Edition

Welcome to the Friday Five, the brain child of Fancy Boys Club creator Brandon Andreasen. Each week, we will give four questions and a top five list for all the Fancy Boys contributors to tell stories and give horrible top five lists for.

This week, with the Emmys happening this Sunday, we’re focusing on the small screen. We asked our writers all kinds of questions about television. Here’s what we asked and what they answered.

#1. What show are you most excited for this fall?

Michael Grace: I don’t watch many tv shows, but I’m probably going to spend the money for D+ to watch The Mandalorian.

Emily Ramirez: American Horror Story. I haven’t liked the more recent seasons as much as the earlier ones, but I do enjoy seeing each new angle/storyline they go through. Also, I’m curious to see how good the acting in this season can possibly be without Jessica Lange OR Sarah Paulson, OR Evan Peters.

Jack Baker: The Good Place. Not since the episode of Futurama where Fry becomes his own grandfather has a TV show made the annoying nitpicky metaphysical arguments people used to make in philosophy class so hilarious. The Good Place is the only show on TV where literally anything can happen. The first three seasons were amazing and I am very excited to see how it ends. My prediction (possible spoiler alert?): everything we’ve seen so far is part of one big test to see if Michael is good enough to get into the real good place.

Brandon Andreasen: While I’m excited for a new season of American Horror Story after the dud that was last season, the obvious and true answer here is Mandalorian. The trailer has me giddy for Star Wars in a way that I haven’t been in years.

Rick Copper: I was late to The Deuce party, but man what a party it is. I bing-watched to catch up and that is a whole lot of crotch and kissing between all genders coming at you in a short period of time. If you’re not aware of HBO’s The Deuce, here it is in a nutshell: a neighborhood in New York City, The Deuce, is tracked via characters as it ‘progresses’ from pimps & prostitutes to pay booth performance to porn production from the mid 1970s to the mid 1980s.
Season Three is upon us. We’re two shows in. What will happen to Candi/Evelyn (Maggie Gyllenhaal)? Will she be forced to get back on her knees again? What will happen to Frankie & Vincent (twins played by James Franco)? Will Frankie get killed by the mob and will Vincent be able to escape from the mob? How in the hell is Margarita Levieva (who plays Abbie) 39 years old? She looks 22. No, I do not have the answers.

Kate Peterson: Watchmen (HBO) – I LOVED the movie, despite the awful Malin Ackerman and the wonderful Patrick Wilson being totally miscast. I’m not a fan of Zack Snyder but his overuse of slow motion works in this one. I even loved the comics a long time ago when I was a nerd (definitely not now when I’m super cool).

Matt Drufke: Picard. The only answer is Picard. There are a lot of wrong answers so far. The only right answer is Picard.

Alexander Truly: Patrick Stewart’s Vision Quest.

David Vox Mullen: The Crown

#2. What is the most underrated show on television?

Michael Grace:  Inside the NBA

Emily Ramirez:   Even though Seinfeld has a strong cult following, I still can’t understand how everybody in the younger generation hasn’t at least SEEN an episode. The show is perfection.

Jack Baker: Superstore is so good it’s a crime that more people don’t watch it. The break room meeting scenes are consistently some of the funniest things on TV. Please start watching this show so I have someone to talk about it with.

Brandon Andreasen: AP Bio is spectacular week in and week out, and it’s criminal that they had to have a massive petition, just so the show could stay alive on a streaming platform. I will support any and all Patton Oswalt projects to the death.

Rick Copper:  I don’t watch much TV, so I’ll be lame and say The Deuce.

Kate Peterson: What We Do in the Shadows….or Reno911!….or Channel Zero (I can’t decide *frowny emoticon*)

Matt Drufke:  Friday night shows are generally not great, but American Housewife has had three fantastic seasons and is one of the best sitcoms on television.

Alexander Truly: The Real Housewives Of Rural North Dakota

David Vox Mullen: Undercover Billionaire

#3. What’s your favorite show that got cancelled too soon?

Michael Grace: Kings. There are dozens of us who miss this show. DOZENS!

Emily Ramirez: Parks and Recreation. I could binge watch that show for the rest of my life. I adored every single character on it.

Jack Baker: Terriers. With the exception of the stupid title, everything about the show is perfect. It was way ahead of its time and suffered a way too early death. So few people saw it, that I believe FX could bring it back now, pretend it’s a brand new show, and it would be a huge hit. Let’s all pray that it starts streaming on Hulu now that Disney owns both FX and the streaming platform.

Brandon Andreasen:  I actually have two. LA to Vegas was a show that aired last season on Fox that absolutely deserved another run. It was funny, dumb comedy. Not everything has to be This Is Us to be enjoyed.
And then, nobody remembers this show, but it’s in the same vein of insanely stupid comedy. 3 South was a cartoon that aired on MTV in 2003. Somehow, it didn’t even last a full season. If it was a show on Netflix today, people would lose their minds with excitement over it.

Rick Copper: Fernwood 2 Night

Kate Peterson: Constantine – not sure why nobody dug this one. Maybe because human beings are awful.

Matt Drufke: As a diehard lover of all things Aaron Sorkin, the fact that SportsNight only had two seasons is considered, in my mind, a criminal offense.

Alexander Truly: Patrick Stewart’s Vision Quest

David Vox Mullen: FlashForward

#4. What’s your favorite TV character of all time?

Michael Grace: Mary Berry

Emily Ramirez: Elaine Benes on Seinfeld. I’ve always been a fan of comedy and I watched Seinfeld at a time when I wasn’t used to seeing women be anything but pretty on TV. It was so inspiring to see her performances, and to see her throw her weight so amazingly in that cast of talented men. She is my absolute #1 comedy hero to this day. Emily Ramirez:

Jack Baker: Troy McClure. You might remember him from such memorable films as Christmas Ape, Christmas Ape Goes to Summer Camp, and The Erotic Adventures of Hercules. Phil Hartman was the best and every line reading was perfect. The Planet of the Apes musical is the best thing that’s ever been on TV.

Brandon Andreasen: Jack stole my thunder by saying Troy Mclure, so I’m gonna go with Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock. YouTube any supercut of him from the show and you will see why people still consider Tracy Morgan to be a comic genius.

Rick Cooper: George Costanza

Kate Peterson: It’s tough – Fry or Bender from Futurama or Jon Snow BECAUSE LOOK AT HIM.

Matt Drufke: Tyrion Lannister was the funniest, smartest, best-written character on a show that had plenty of clever and interesting characters. There was only one winner in the Game Of Thrones, and it was Tyrion of House Lannister.

Alexander Truly: Fartboy from Vegan and the Leafeaters on Nickelotrion

David Vox Mullen: Batman

#5. Top 5 Favorite TV Shows

Michael Grace:
Always Sunny,
The Golden Girls
Game of Thrones
The Office. I know that is the most uninteresting list but go back to 1 for the reason.

Emily Ramirez:
Parks and Rec
SNL (I’ll always stand by them, even through their shitty seasons),
Forensic Files

Jack Baker:
The Simpsons
Parks & Rec
Sportscenter (prior to ESPN’s “Embrace Debate” period)
MTV’s The Challenge

Brandon Andreasen:
The Simpsons (I pretend the show was cancelled after season 9)
King of the Hill
30 Rock
The Office
Arrested Development

Rick Cooper:
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Office
Fernwood 2 Night/America2Nite
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Kate Peterson:
Futurama (for cries)
Game of Thrones (for blood and guts)
The Tick (the old cartoon) (for laughs)
The Handmaid’s Tale (for rage)
The Haunting of Hill House (for scares)

Matt Drufke:
The Simpsons
The West Wing
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Breaking Bad

Alexander Truly:
Time Hunters
Ghost Stalkers: Brooklyn Edition
The Curious Morbid Dr. Benjamin
Silk Stockings
NYPD Rhythm & Blues

David Vox Mullen:
WWE Monday Night Raw
A Very Brady Renovation
The Righteous Gemstones
Better Call Saul

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