Bears Recap: The Defense Deserves Better than this Offense

Insert obligatory “they are who we thought they were” reference here.

The Packers beat the Bears 10-3 in a game that could only be described as a “What Could Go Wrong With the Bears in 2019 Column” come to life. 

The defense played great but was unable to force a turnover to prop up their struggling offense like they did so often in 2018. Trubisky was terrible. He somehow looked even worse than last season.  It’s like he spent the off-season watching tape of Jared Goff in the Super Bowl.

Maybe there’s a reason NFL teams have played their QBs during the preseason every year for the last 99 years.

Going back to last year’s Double Doink loss in the playoffs,  Trubisky has played two okay fourth quarters and six quarters that make you long for the days of Chad Hutchinson and Craig Krenzel. Remember when Ryan Pace traded up one spot for the privilege of drafting Trubisky 8 picks ahead of reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes? Of course you can, it’s the only thing I think about.

Trubisky threw one terrible interception in the fourth, and had a bunch of other throws that should have been picked off. He looked confused and jittery in the pocket all night.

The rest of the offense did too. Matt Nagy was horribly out-coached by Browns reject Mike Pettine. The Bears had 10 penalties for 107 yards and consistently killed their own drives while also extending Packers drives.  Wasn’t that 3rd and 40 fun?

The only offensive bright spots were Allen Robinson (7 catches, 107 yards) and David Montgomery’s sweet mouth guard. Robinson killed their corners off the line and is starting to look like the receiver that had 1,400 yard receiving and 14 TDs back in 2015. If he can do that with Blake Bortles at QB imagine what he could do with Trubisky? [Editor’s note: about the same]

Every time Trubisky thinks about throwing a jump ball to the 5’8” Taylor Gabriel, he should target Robinson instead.

Trey Burton can’t be this important to the Bears offense can he? 

I’m no Coach of the Year award winner, but I’d like to see more 3rd and 1 run plays called for the rookie who led the NCAA in broken tackles, and less for the receiver who was so bad at catching they had to start handing him the ball. 

The Bears defense deserves better than this offense. How do you hold Aaron Rodgers to ten points and still lose?

The Bears run defense was phenomenal. The Packers could only muster 47 yards on 22 carries. The pass rush was outstanding, Floyd had 2 sacks while Hicks, Robertson-Harris and Lynch added sacks of their own.

Fuller, Amukamara and Skrine were all active in deflecting passes. The Packers only touchdown drive was a result of Deon Bush forgetting he was the deep safety and whatever the hell that end zone coverage on Jimmy Graham was supposed to be.

With Mack, Floyd, Hicks, Goldman, Nichols and Robertson-Harris, the Bears pass rush is legitimately terrifying. If the offense could give them a lead, they might kill an opposing QB.  Don’t count on it.

Hopefully things get easier for the Bears offense next week when they take on [checks notes] Vic Fangio’s Denver Broncos. Fuck. 

At least it didn’t end with a missed field goal. 

Updated Season Outlook:

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