Why We Are Fancy Boys

There really isn’t a specific time when you say it’s time to go, except when that time gets thrown at you. This entire website exists because of July 22nd. I remember that I was writing a piece about getting older and enjoying the idea of spending nights at home watching Netflix with my wife more than I was enjoying going out. The piece never got completed, but this website was born because of it.

It’s not worth going into all of the details as to why Matt and I set out on our own, but I remember being mad enough that the door had closed on us at the site we were at that I genuinely didn’t want to write anymore. I was angry that it had become obvious that the work I was putting in, the effort I was trying to let shine through in my writing wasn’t going to be appreciated. So I was done. I was out. It was time to move onto something new, or god help me, back to standup comedy.

Luckily, the other workhorse on the old site, Matt Drufke, was appreciative of my work and mine of his. We were producing 90% of the content and I stand behind the work we were doing. We weren’t making excuses about why we couldn’t write. We weren’t letting our lives get in the way. We both found happiness in carving out our little part of the internet that we could say the things we wanted to say. On July 22nd, we realized that since we were the only ones writing, and there was no longer a place for us to write, we could create our own place to write. And by that, I mean Jack Baker created a place for us to write.

Credit where it’s due. I’m completely incompetent when it comes to website building. I can barely write. It’s amazing that I can put my pants on every day without accidently setting myself on fire. Writing with the consistency I have been over the past six months has been huge for me, but man oh man, am I bad at website building. Jack was willing to step in almost immediately and help Matt and I out. Without him, there is no way this would have come together.

Then we got incredibly lucky by finding a group of people who were interested in, not only writing, but writing for us. I’m truly excited for what Alec, Jake, Katie, Kate, Tim, Emily, Jeremy, Joe, Michael, Brennan and Rick are going to bring to the table. Ideas that have been floated out there have me excited already. It’s not all about comedy. It’s gonna be short stories. It’s gonna be advice columns. Sports. Drama. Pop Culture. Matt and I are giving everyone here a free run to be creative through any avenue they can.

There will be podcasts and youtube for sure coming soon as well. There is more creativity coming out of what this site will be that I can’t even predict what this site will be in one month, six months, a year down the road. And that’s what is most exciting. We aren’t going to be a part of someone else’s vision. This is mine and Matt’s vision that we are going to allow to evolve through talented writers and comedians. Artists and poets.

Maybe this will all suck. Maybe it will be great. But it’s something I can stand on and say I helped build the foundation for. Matt is one of the most respected comics around. Jack, too. I’m basically the foul mouthed third wheel who writes like I talk: abrasively and confidently. I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I’ve written. So far, I’ve completed articles about the NFL and my grandfather. I’ve started writing the autobiography of contributor Alec Stein. We have several articles in the cannon that I’m going to jump in. We are going to give you a lot. Maybe you won’t like it all, but if your eyeballs keep ending up on the site, then we have done something right.

We all come from different backgrounds. We’ve all lived different lives. We’ve experienced a lot of different things. But here, we are all Fancy Boys.

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