Welcome To The Fancy Boys Club!

Why are you here?

I’m genuinely kind of curious. I’m not really sure how people stumble upon things on the internet. I mean… it’s the internet. It’s kinda big. There are so many things here that I don’t know how you just find places like this. For the first couple of months, I’m just going to assume that anyone reading our stuff is either a friend or family member of one of the writers or someone who has a fetish for fancy boys and is about to be extraordinarily disappointed.

For whatever reason you’re here… welcome. I hope you enjoy what we’re trying to do here. But, what exactly is that? What is the Fancy Boys Club?

To be honest… we’re trying to figure that out ourselves.

I’ve known Brandon Andreasen for a while now. We would pass each other at various open mics and shows in the suburban comedy scene. But there was a very special moment back in 2016 when we were at the same table at a wedding of a friend. I don’t remember how the topic of movie soundtracks got broached, but one thing led to another, and Brandon has his phone out while I was trying to see how many of the songs I could remember that appeared on Godzilla(1998). For the record, I recall doing pretty well and only forgetting the song from Days Of The New, which I am totally ok with, because who remembers those clowns anyways? The point is… a connection was made.

Fast forward a few years. It’s 2019, and Brandon and I are both writing for a blog. Again, there’s an obvious connection there. While working on a discussion of the best sports movies of all time, Brandon asked the group if Point Break could be counted as a sports movie. I was legitimately surprised that anyone would disagree with him. When I mentioned that The King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters is, undeniably, one of the best sports movies ever, Brandon had my back when others (notably, FBC writer Jack Baker) were so quick to mock. Working on that showed me one thing: Brandon and I had similar wavelengths. We were cut from the same cloth.

Working on that blog was an enlightening experience for me. Besides reinvigorating my love for writing, I also became enamored with Brandon’s work. It seemed like there was no topic that he couldn’t delve deeply into. His writing shows heart and soul and wit, and I always got excited when I saw he would release a new piece.

The decision to start Fancy Boys Club was so easy, it felt like it happened weeks before either of us even mentioned it. The goal is simple: make good work with people we respect. What will we talk about? Whatever we want. What is our agenda? I’m honestly not sure. And there’s something kind of exciting to that. I’m looking forward to reading the work from our writers. I hope you are, too.

So, let’s get excited for the work of The Fancy Boys, men and women alike. I’m sure this is going to be a fun ride.

Let’s get fancy-pants.

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