Two Ships Keep Passing in the Night, But Never in the Same Direction

On Sunday night, All Elite Wrestling, the upstart promotion run by Tony Khan, the son of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan, had their biggest event of the year at Now Arena in Hoffman Estates, IL. Odds are, though, if you have heard anything about the proceedings of the evening, you aren’t aware of the wrestling so much as the post show fire bombing of the company by newly crowned champion CM Punk.

For those that know the Lockport, IL born wrestler, he is a soothsayer and a truth teller. He is a great wrestler and gatekeeper of the sport, but also acerbic and short tempered with those he feels has crossed him or wronged him in any way. He is as notable for his promos as he is for much of what he has done in the ring. On Sunday night, he decided to light an M-80 and throw it into the AEW toilet to see how hard he could blow it all up.

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Scott Hall 1958-2022

Scott Hall 1958-2022

Very few people can say they were the face of a seismic shift in an industry. No matter the medium, more often than not the status quo reigns supreme. Often, when someone helps author massive change, it isn’t appreciated until after the fact. Luckily, Scott Hall’s career apexed at a point when he did bring change to the wrestling industry, it was felt in the moment. Scott Hall is one of the most important people in the history of wrestling, and has a great responsibility to what wrestling evolved into.

Hall passed away on Monday due to complications relating to hip replacement surgery. His body was eroded by three decades in the wrestling industry coupled with a hard lived life that caused many to believe he wouldn’t make it this far. Nobody gets out of wrestling in one piece when you are a part of it for as long as Hall was and the history of wrestling is littered with stories of people Hall, but very few reached such heights and helped redefine the business.

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The XFL Has A WWE Problem

The XFL Has A WWE Problem

By most accounts, the XFL had a successful opening weekend. Ratings were decent, the football itself was better than expected, and the league has drawn more early buzz than last year’s failed league, the AAF. The XFL announced that they had sold more season tickets in the week lead up to the season than the AAF sold in the entirety of its existence. High end sports personalities on Twitter such as Mina Kimes and Robert Mays were actively talking about it all weekend.

There were a lot of fun things also involved. They had the coaches mic’ed up and occasionally let us viewers listen in on plays they were calling before they happened. The league also let viewers into the replay room and mic’ed up both the referee and the replay official, giving viewers an amazing amount of access into the thought process that goes into a potential play review. I could go on all day about the different rules that have made the game more fast paced, and before the week is over, I probably will.

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2020 WWE Royal Rumble Primer

2020 WWE Royal Rumble Primer

Royal Rumble is many wrestling fans favorite event of the season. For all of the pomp and circumstance of WrestleMania, the ever growing Summerslam, and the fading star that is Surivior Series, Royal Rumble provides joy for wrestling fans because it gives them the ability to see so many of their favorite stars, allows for surprise comebacks, and operates under a very simple premise: throw your opponent over the top rope. If their feet hit the ground, they are out. If you win, you get a championship match at WrestleMania.

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Welcome to the new Wrestling Wars

The first shots fired in the Civil War were on Wilmer McLean’s property in Virginia in 1861. A bit over four years later, the war would come to an end at Appomattox Virginia Courthouse, 140 miles away, but with a similar character playing the role of “grand opening, grand closing.” Wilmer Mclean had moved after the war broke out to where he thought his family would be safe. The war would end in his parlor, with Robert E Lee signing the confederate surrender.

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