FBC 2021 NFL Preview: NFC South

FBC 2021 NFL Preview: NFC South

Much like Prince at a club in the 80’s, this division bores me. There is one good team and three teams that are already building their draft boards for next season. The Super Bowl champions reside in this division. But so does a team that decided to embark on the Sam Darnold Reclamation Project. Jameis is back! But so is Matt Ryan 😦

Well, it’s almost over at least. Both the anticipation for the rest of the season and me having to pretend to be excited to write about some of these teams. Lets get on with it. The NFC South, everyone.

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FBC NFL Power Rankings Week 16

This is it everyone! It’s the best time of the year. We have three games on Saturday to act as extra incentive to not have to pay attention to your family during the holidays! What did we do without football? Talk? Love? I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. Let’s play the feud!

1: Baltimore Ravens

On Thursday night, the Ravens didn’t go out to beat the Jets. They went out to embarrass the Jets, and succeeded. They were far off in the distance when Lamar Jackson finally exited the game, having cemented his MVP resume for the season. Whoever represents the AFC in the Super Bowl has to go through Baltimore to get there.

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