Comic book fans love alternate universes. A timeline that exists in a parallel dimension where the rules are different. Perhaps a hero in this universe is evil somewhere else, or someone has different superpowers. But alternate universes are only fun if they collide with our existing universe. We have to bring the elements that are different and unique into our element and watch as things go crazy and both sides try and cope.

For a while, comic book fans have believed in an alternative universe of their own. In this world, there is a second version of the painfully average film Justice League. A version which is entirely written and directed by Zack Snyder, who brought Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice to film audiences. What does this new film look like? Comic book nerds have wondered for years. But it didn’t seem like it mattered. It didn’t even seem like it existed.

However, all of these fans got a shock to their system today, as HBO Max announced that, next year, they will be releasing the Snyder cut of Justice League.

Someone call Powerman 5000 for all of these fans, because we’re about to see what it’s like when worlds collide. The only question is: do people really want this?

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Fancy Boys Go To The Movies: DCU MEGA-REVIEW!

With the release of Todd Phillip’s highly anticipated Joker, Fancy Boys David Vox Mullen & Matt Drufke decided to go back and take a peak at what the Detective Comics Films Universe (DCFU) has given us in the last six years. These films have had mixed results, both in the box office and in critical acclaim. The boys roll up their sleeves, straighten their capes, and dive in.

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