The ‘Murica Guide to Brexit

Brexit, Baby! It’s more than just a topic you half listen to on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.” It’s a full on thing, and it’s exciting as all hell. It’s basically what would happen if government was run by Chuck Lorre. There are low end burns, family members turning on each other, and horrible haired men flailing about, trying to impose his will on a country that regrets a vote in the first place. You know what, fuck Chuck Lorre. Brexit has turned the United Kingdom into a stupider (somehow) version of the United States.

England is run much like the United States. Only instead of pretending like they are all god fearing people to get simpletons to vote for them, in England they all act as if they fear a 94 year old queen who occasionally likes drinking champagne. You know what, i’m getting ahead of myself and already treading into dangerous territory of making this very boring.

Let’s try this another way. Let’s Fancy Boy it. No, no. Let’s Gawker(RIP) it! No. No. There is only one way to properly explain it, and that’s the Toby Keith way. Here is: The ‘Murica Guide to Brexit.

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