It’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that I’m a BIG Batman fan. In fact, I’ve been one for as much of my life as I can remember. From being a little kid in the ’70s & ’80s watching Superfriends while eating a bowl of cereal. Watching the old Adam West Classic 1966 TV series, to running home from high school just so I can make it home in time to catch Batman the animated series. Up until yesterday, if anyone had asked me what I think the best Batman movie ever made was, I would’ve said the 1989 film BATMAN directed by Tim Burton. He was the first filmmaker to capture the dark knight that my friends and I had been reading about in the comics. But last night, after the DC special “FAN-FIRST” private screening of the Matt Reeves film “THE BATMAN“, my world was completely rocked.


The Official Batman Movie Rankings

The Official Batman Movie Rankings

With Matt Reeves’ The Batman headed to theaters this weekend, we welcome Robert Pattinson into the role of Bruce Wayne. I think Bobby Patts is going to do a good job and am excited to see it. But instead of looking forward to this new film, I decided to look back.

Let’s reflect on the dozen theatrical releases of Batman and see how they shape up. Will this new Pattinson Bats (Pats Bats?) be remembered like Keaton or Bale? Or will we be yearning for the days of bat-nipples?

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Fancy Boys Go To The Movies: DCU MEGA-REVIEW!

With the release of Todd Phillip’s highly anticipated Joker, Fancy Boys David Vox Mullen & Matt Drufke decided to go back and take a peak at what the Detective Comics Films Universe (DCFU) has given us in the last six years. These films have had mixed results, both in the box office and in critical acclaim. The boys roll up their sleeves, straighten their capes, and dive in.

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