The Swiftening, part 4: Rednarok [Red (2012)]

The Swiftening, part 4: Rednarok [Red (2012)]

Until very recently, Jordan Holmes had never, intentionally, listened to a Taylor Swift song in his life. Then he began The Swiftening, in which he promised to listen to every Taylor Swift album in its entirety. Parts 1-3 of The Swiftening gave us Jordan’s thoughts on her 2006 self-titled album, 2008’s Fearless, and 2010’s Speak Now.

Red is Taylor Swift’s 4th studio album and I knew from the beginning this is where things would get tricky. 

Red was the album most referenced to me as music to look forward to. The album means a lot, or some at least, to a lot of, or some at least, people. “Tread lightly – at your peril” was the tone. 

Abandon hope all ‘Ye who enter here. 

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