Perry Mason and the Current Television Era of Super-Fuckable Dudes

My wife and I are currently caught up with this new season of Perry Mason on HBO Max. I, however, have a different name for the show: Fuckable Perry Mason.

Look, you cannot watch this show and not be blown away by the fact that Matthew Rhys is a goddamned smokeshow. I don’t care where you fall on the Kinsey scale, there is no denying the simple fact that this Perry Mason is just a goddamned piece of pie, which I’m not sure is even an expression for an attractive man but I will now try and start getting people to say.

I think part of what stuns me is that, growing up, I watched Raymond Burr play Mason on NBC Monday Night movies of the week. Here he is in those shows:

If this does it for you, so be it. But this is nothing compared to the snack vibes Rhys is giving off. I will, however, concede that young Burr as Perry could totally get it:

But even this guy is no competition to the dreamboat that is the very fuckable Matthew Rhys:

We are currently in an era of very hot dudes on television. They’re hard to miss. Kieran Culkin in Succession. Adam Scott in Severance. Pedro Pascal on every network. And then there’s this motherfucker who is taking the world and our hearts by storm:

In Shrinking, Harrison fucking Ford has reminded us all what a goddamned fuckable dude he is. Part of this is that this is some of the best acting he has ever done, allowing himself to be vulnerable and funny and trusting what is a great script. But part of it is just pure Ford charm and charsima.

We truly are in a marvelous time.

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