Fancy Boys Club March Music Madness 2023: Round 2 Results

When March Music Madness began as an idea for Matt, Brandon, Michael and Jack to talk about the songs that defined their early high school years, each made their brackets not based on the biggest hits but a more personal touch. It was about what meant the most to them. However, maybe experiences are more similar than our writers would care to admit. A lot of the higher seeds have advanced.

Of course, then there’s Brandon’s bracket.

Let’s see how Round 2 faired, see who made the Sweet Sixteen and then check out this week’s matchups.

The Drufke Region (1993-1995)

If you like upsets, Matt’s region was not for you as all chalk prevailed. This was kind of expected considering the hits of the era, but this was not the bracket for people rooting for the underdog.

(1) Loser- Beck beat out (8) You Oughta Know- Alanis Morissette, 70%-30%.
(4) Mr. Jones- Counting Crows easily took out (5) Wonderwall- Oasis, 62%-38%.
(3) Closer- Nine Inch Nails had no trouble with (6) Basket Case- Green Day, 78%-22%.
(2) I Will Always Love You bid farewell to (10) Fake Plastic Trees- Radiohead, 58%-42%.

The Andreasen Region (1998-2000)

To quote Brandon in our group chat, “There is no chaos. Only Harvey Danger.” With his two highest seeds being a 4 and a 7, Mr. Andreasen watched his top-seeded Eminem bid farewell and is left with a fascinating (and some would say beautiful) hodgepodge of contenders.

(9) Guerrilla Radio is responsible for taking out top-seeded (1) My Name Is- Eminem, 52%-48%.
(4) What’s My Age Again?- Blink 182 is Brandon’s lone chalk advancement, beating (12) One Step Closer- Linkin Park, 79%-21%.
(14) Flagpole Sitta- Harvey Danger remains alive, taking out (6) My Own Worst Enemy- Lit, 59%-41%.
(7) Ride Wit’ Me- Nelly slayed the Bulgod, beating (2) Bawidtaba- Kid Rock, 53%-47%.

The Grace Region (2001-2003)

Two big stories emerged from Michael’s region last week. The first is that Eminem would not be entirely eliminated and remains a strong #1 seed in at least one bracket. The second is that the lowest overall seed remaining won again, as the 15 seed rolls on.

(1) Lose Yourself- Eminem took down Queen B, knocking out (8) Crazy In Love- Beyonce (feat. Jay-Z), 67%-33%.
(4) Numb- Linkin Park just obliterated (12) Hero- Chad Kroeger (feat. Josey Scott), 79%-21%.
(3) Work It- Missy Elliott worked over (6) Sweetness- Jimmy Eat World, 52%-48%.
In one of the biggest tournament blowouts so far, (15) Seven Nation Army- White Stripes knocked out (7) Get Low- Lil’ Jon & The Eastside Boys, 84%-16%.

Drummond Region (2006-2008)

With a 11 and a 12 seed still remaining, the possibility for pure chaos still exists in Jake’s region. Can My Chemical Romance show their choice as a #1 seed was deserved?

(1) Welcome To The Black Parade- My Chemical Romance continued its run, beating (8) When You Were Young- The Killers, 63%-37%.
(12) Dashboard- Modest Mouse stunned (4) Poker Face- Lady Gaga, winning 52%-48%.
(11) The Pretender- Foo Fighters won by one vote against (3) Umbrella- Rihanna (feat. Jay-Z), 51%-49%.
(2) Rehab- Amy Winehouse made (7) Low- Flo Rida (feat. T-Pain) feel even lower, winning 67%-33%.

Next week’s schedule

So, there’s our Sweet Sixteen: three #1s, two #2s, two #3s, two #4s, a #7, a #9, a #11, a #12, a #13, a #14 and a #15. It’s been crazy. However, since these songs each have won two battles we’re gonna give them, potentially, double duty next week. Here’s what the upcoming few days look like:

On Monday, The Drufke AND Andreasen regions will go to work, each having two matches. On Tuesday, The Grace and Drummond regions will play to determine the Elite 8. These four regions will play again on Wednesday and Thursday, setting up for next week’s Final Four. Then, as a little bonus gift on Friday, guest writer Bill Birdsell offers what his region would have looked like from 1986-1988.

Make sure you’re voting and sharing!

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