Tawdry, Paper Mountains: Farewell to the Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee basketball team was eliminated today. They came into the playoffs as a favorite to win the title or at least make the Finals. Alas, they were exorcised into the hoops afterlife by the Miami Heat. We give them more than they deserve and honor their final loss with a poem.

Tawdry, Paper Mountains

We built a tower in a valley
For we did not see the hills
We placed a vessel in the water
Though the water was not filled

We lit a match within a wildfire
And felled a tree to clear the leaves
All our tawdry, paper mountains
Blew away at simplest breeze

Our world was something to behold
Alas, it was our vain illusion
Ev’ry break we had accomplished
Nothing more than a contusion

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