You Should Refrigerate Your Doritos

Life holds many mysteries. One such treasure is the undiscovered delicacy of culinary experimentation. We all know well the magnificent combination of sweet and savory. But what happens when, by mere lapse in motor skill judgment, we stumble upon transcendent greatness? I accidentally tossed some Nacho Cheese Doritos in the fridge. What happened next changed my life forever.

Cold Doritos are a movement I was unaware I had longed for. Everywhere, people are discovering that spicy corn chips at just above freezing is the wave of the future. And think about it. Has not all of human history led to this moment?

In medieval times, common folk did not have the means of refrigeration. Their Doritos were left in a large bowl on the ground. It is thought that the lack of chilled preservation caused the black plague when one peasant, hungry from the day’s labor of digging holes with his bare hands, ate a handful of Doritos covered in rat feces. Had a refrigerator been there, the world may be an entirely different place today.

So what does a cold Dorito taste like? Much the same as a regular chip, but with the experience of refreshment. It is an entirely new experience, yet so familiar. Like embracing a loved one after many years. You’ve both grown, but you haven’t changed in each other’s eyes.

I consumed chip after chip, relishing the cold, cheesy delight as the chewy mush rose from chilled to warm in my mouth. I was guiding the snack back to its rightful temperature. There we were, together, me and the chips, in culinary bliss.

If you’ve never considered refrigerating your Doritos, I implore you to do so. It may not be for you. It may change the way you feel about snacks. It may just change your life.

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