2020-21 Washington Wizards Guy to Watch: Troy Brown Jr.

Troy Brown, Jr. is criminally underutilized on a Washington team that is lost in the wilderness. While he crept just over 25 minutes per game in his sophomore season, he was used in fewer than 18% of plays. When given opportunities, he has pretty good production. The problem is that now his team is centered around Russell Westbrook, who has no time for backup SG/SF young guns looking for a chance. I mean, are you going to actively seek out Wizards games in 2021? Westbrook is a viscerally exciting player to watch, but is he enough to get you to watch? If by some chance you do, and Brown gets a chance to prove his worth, pay attention. When he is freed to a team that will actually play him correctly, Brown has sub-all-star potential that can really help a team in the playoffs.

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