2020-21 Chicago Bulls Guy to Watch: Otto Porter Jr.

Otto Porter Jr. is probably the most important Chicago Bull this season. He’s not the best (Zach LaVine) or the flashiest (Z. LaVine) or biggest name (Zach L.) but he could be critical to Chicago’s future. He has potential to be a solid trade asset come the deadline for a contender looking to shore up their depth. I know, Bulls fans, you don’t want to hear that your team’s most interesting player this year is just a trade chip, but think of it this way- riding the roller coaster of paying attention to Otto Porter through a season will make suffering through yet another lost year easier. That, and seeing how Billy Donovan will use him in rotation with rookie Pat Williams will be interesting. I almost put Williams as my Guy To Watch but I just don’t think he’s going to get a ton of minutes for a good chunk of the season.

Look! Here’s some good thing’s Porter’s done!

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