20-21 Brooklyn Nets Guy To Watch: Caris LeVert

Caris LeVert is one of my favorite players. Last season was the best opportunity to watch him as the lead guy on a team, given Durant and Irving’s injuries. Now, as the third option for Brooklyn, the pressure is off and his basketball intellect will be on display. I don’t know what kind of offense Steve Nash is going to push out there every night, but given his pedigree of playing under Mike D’Antoni and as Steve Nash’s assistant, I’m going to assume a high-paced offense that will look to overwhelm the opposition quickly. If that is the case, LeVert will be given outside looks whenever a team makes the mistake and gambles on trying to stop Kevin Durant. Look for him to be open and moving around near the baseline this season, where his athleticism can take over and punish a team too preoccupied with the superstars. He will also be a BIG catch-and-shoot candidate, especially if Nash tries some “7 Seconds or Less” style offense.

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