Fancy Boys Go To The Movies: Thor: Love And Thunder

Fancy Boys Go To The Movies: Thor: Love And Thunder

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This review will be spoiler free. If it ain’t in the trailer, it ain’t here.)

Thor: Love And Thunder, the fourth titular film with the God Of Thunder and director Taika Waititi’s second effort in the franchise, has opened to lower Rotten Tomatoes score yet higher box office totals than it’s immediate predecessor, the excellent Thor: Ragnarok. If the critical consensus is that Love And Thunder is trying too hard to recapture the formula and magic from Ragnarok, the movie-going audiences have responded with a hearty, “We do not care. We just want to give money to the MCU.”

And it is clear that Love And Thunder has a lot of effort and flare and jokes. Waititi and star (and co-producer Chris Hemsworth) clearly felt the pressure to make this film a bigger spectacle. Because of that, you see a lot more storylines and punchlines and yelling sheep. But how does it all come together as a final product?

Ok, I guess… and that’s kind of the problem.

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