The Avalanche Never Broke Free

I’ll have to admit it…

I was wr…

I was wro… I was… wron…

I was wrong. OK. I said it. I thought the Colorado Avalanche were going to repeat as Stanley Cup champions. If you are among the dozen or so people paying attention to the NHL playoffs you will know they cannot as they went out in a game 7 in the first round.

A game 7 for the Colorado Avalanche is mostly poison. They haven’t won a game 7 since the end of May 2002. So, it was not much of a shock really. Not to me anyway. To many at the bar I was at watching said game 7? They were stunned. My comment was “watch the fucking game!” They’ve had a ‘0 for whatever for over 20 years Game 7’ graphic up on the screen about a dozen times!” Then I had to leave. Luckily, I was stone cold sober and those threatening to do me bodily harm were stumbling drunk brave.

So they lost. Granted I did not know their fearless leader and captain Gabe Landeskog (That’s Landy in hockey parlance, NOT Gabby) was going to be out 95% of the season as well as the entire playoffs. However, they have more than one good player. Yet, here they are – playing golf when they are not watching their victors, the Kraken, as they proceed to the second round to face the Dallas South Stars (they really are not the South Stars, but since they came to Dallas via Minnesota where they were the North Stars, it just seems appropriate).

Let me tell you about the Kraken. The Kraken, if you do not know, is a fierce octopus-like creature capable of devouring ships whole. You’ll see in the actual photo below the enormous size of it. Granted, it is far easier to defeat on ice as out of the water and onto frozen water is not their preferred place of battle, but yet the Kraken won.

Oh what am I talking about – the Seattle Kraken beat the Avs. In my opinion, that’s a cracker of a name and I love it. Just don’t love them beating the Avs. However, they can go ahead and take out the Stars. Do it, Kraken, do it.

But what of the other team you thought would reach the Stanley Cup Final and get blasted by the Avs, Rick? What of them? You know – the Bruins? The team that ran roughshod throughout the entire regular season and broke the record for the most wins in a season? Those Bruins? Game 7 loss, first round ironically, to the Florida Panthers.

What you say, they lost to a team that comes from a state where they have to manufacturer an ice surface to play anywhere? One where the governor is getting his ass handed to him by Disney? One where they named their team after an animal that has barely any in the wild left? Yes, that Florida Panthers. Jesus H I though it was bad being an Avs fan, but no the Bruins took their fandom and said, “hold our Sam Adams” and just took a large dump at center ice. Fucking tragedy really, but it’s the Bruins, the same team that allowed the St. Louis Blues to win a Stanley Cup – they got whacked by the Blues 4-1 in a game 7 at home LOL. I believe for that this playoff disaster was karma.

I certainly hope the Kraken keep going as it will make it more interesting playoffs. This is only their second year of existence. The only other team I am rooting for are the Toronto Maple Leafs who haven’t been to a final since Jesus lost his sandals but for Round 2 they are facing the suddenly hot Panthers, damnit. Nonetheless, go Kraken, go Leafs and let’s have a great playoff run you kids.

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