NFL Mailbag – Conference Championship Weekend!

It’s the best football weekend of the year, conference championship weekend baby! As always, Matt Drufke- who watches none of the games- has so many questions. Fortunately, Fancy Boys Football experts Brendan Andreasen and Jack Baker do and are usually happy to answer some of them. Let’s mailbag.

And then there were four. Let’s ask the most important question first, because I am not good at building suspense. The Chiefs beat the Browns on Sunday, but it possibly came at the expense of quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who left the game with a concussion. Mahomes has been called, on this site, the best player in the league and Jack once called him one of the best to ever play football. So, let’s make it easy: Can Kansas City win without Mahomes? And, if so, how?

Brandon-In the noted Shakira song….something something something, anything can happen. The Chiefs are still a great team and if they can get star rookie RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire back from an ankle injury, they could have an effective enough ground game to pull it off.

That said, I liked the Bills, regardless of the Kansas City quarterback situation. They are peaking at the right time and proved on Saturday that they don’t need a running game to win a big game.

Jack-The Chiefs could win without Mahomes but it would be highly unlikely. Bills QB Josh Allen has been phenomenal this year, but he could always revert to the old inexplicable bad decision Josh Allen we all know and love. The Chiefs have a ton of playmakers on offense and one of the best offensive minds of all-time in Andy Reid to scheme them open. It’s possible, but not likely that they win without Mahomes. That being said, I think the NFL eases up on their concussion rules if it means Mahomes is able to play. Just how the Bears and Saints game just happened to be scheduled after Alvin Kamara was eligible to return from COVID.

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are two of the best quarterbacks to ever play the position, and while I’m sure they would each say they’re not thinking about their legacies going into this week’s game, I am. If the Packers win the Super Bowl this year, Rodgers would become the 13th quarterback with multiple super bowl wins. Already on that list is Tom Brady, whose storyline this year has been trying to prove that he can win a championship without Bill Belichick. Whose legacy would a Super Bowl win help more?

Brandon – My initial reaction was Rodgers, but honestly, I can’t even begin to explain how huge it would be for Tom Brady to leave New England and get another ring while Bill Belichek and the Patriots struggled badly this past season. Everyone recognizes Rodgers’ talent, but Brady has the opportunity to prove it was him that made the Patriots champions for all of those seasons.

Jack – Your initial reaction was right Brandon, Rodgers stands to benefit the most. That smug pseudo-science peddling, Trump loving asshat will be called the GOAT regardless of what happens this season. Although Rodgers is already a surefire Hall of Famer, winning a second Super Bowl and a likely MVP trophy will further cement him as one of the greatest to ever do it. I mean right now he’s tied for Super Bowl wins with Trent Dilfer. Also, I hate Tom Brady so fuck that guy.

This is more of a philosophical question about the nature of the game, but I’m curious as to both of your answers. The weather factored heavily into the Bills win over the Ravens, turning the best kicker into the game into an unpredictable mess. Here’s my question: do you like watching games where the weather (wind, rain, snow, fog, etc.) is a factor? Or would you prefer to have both teams play without the worry of outside interference?

Brandon-Aesthetically speaking, give me the weather. There is something sterile about watching football in the Superdome. I don’t want to see players just gun it in optimal circumstances. I want snow. I want rain. I want wind. 

Jack – The weather affecting games is fun when its a warm weather team coming up north and having to play in the snow. It’s like an added home field advantage that allows the Bears to allow lose by 3 points instead of 7. When it’s two cold weather teams playing against each other it loses some of it’s luster. But wind is great and gave us two of the most fun moments in Bears history.

Let’s talk halftime shows. The Weeknd will be playing the Super Bowl halftime show, which shows that the NFL is trying more and more to appeal to a younger crowd. While he won’t be as good as Shakira (whose colossal hit “Try Everything” is one of the best things in Disney’s Zootopia, are you excited to see him perform? And how come neither of you want to dress up with me as frequent Weeknd collaborator Daft Punk?

Brandon-I am not looking forward to the halftime show, not have I been in a long time. You cannot overstate how ridiculous it is that the NFL is trying to sway viewers with a halftime show during the Super Bowl, which is the most viewed television event every year already. Halftime is when I reload on more food and take a bathroom break. The way God intended. And the only reason I haven’t dressed up as daft punk with you is because you never asked. Feels like a huge missed opportunity there.

Jack – After Prince, they should have cancelled the Super Bowl halftime show forever. He perfected it and it will never be topped.

I don’t know who the Weeknd is, but I do know he is not good at spelling.

Brandon went 4-0 last week, making him 8-2 in playoff predictions. Jack was a respectable 3-1, raising him to an acceptable 5-4. Guys, your conference championship games are: Packers-Bucs and Chiefs-Bills. Who do you like?

Brandon-Packers end the Brady Bus in Lambeau. I just don’t think that the Bucs defense can slow down Aaron Rodgers enough to keep it close. Packers win, 27-17. And I’ve been hyping the Bills the whole season. No reason to stop now. Bills 30, Chiefs 28.

Jack-I’ve also got the Packers over the Bucs. My begrudging respect for Aaron Rodgers but hatred of the team wins out over my loathing of Tom Brady. I’m taking the Chiefs over the Bills if only so that Brandon and I have different picks and I can maybe close the gap a little bit.

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