Fancy Boys Football: Mailbag Week 12

Week 12 of the NFL season is in the books. Matt Drufke has questions. Fancy Boys Football expert Jack Baker has the answers. Let’s mailbag.

To me, there is no more ridiculous story than what happened in Denver on Sunday, where their game against the Saints still happened despite all four quarterbacks on the Broncos roster being unable to play due to COVID restrictions. Left with no choice, Denver brought in Kendall Hinton, who had QB experience from his time in Wake Forest, and the result was expected, as he threw for twice as many interceptions as he did completed passes. There is no reason this game should have been played, especially since this week, the NFL has postponed the Ravens-Steelers game THRICE. So, why did this game get played? What point was the NFL trying to prove? And does this game get postponed if Denver’s starting QB is one of the better quarterbacks in the league?

The Broncos weren’t wearing masks or socially distancing, so I guess they were making an example of them. But who knows? The NFL is going to finish the season hell or high water. They don’t want to skip any games because otherwise they won’t make as much money and in the end, that’s the only thing they care about.

While we’re talking passers, let’s look at the miracle that has been Green Bay for the past three decades. The Packers have gotten by, with the exception of injury, for having only two starting QBs since 1992: Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Each has a Super Bowl ring, each will be a Hall Of Famer, and each will be talked about when we talk about the best NFL passers of all time. Here’s the question: Who is better, Favre or Rodgers? Rodgers still has time in his career, so some of this is subjective, but which man has had the better career?

This question depresses me too much to answer. Both are great and better than any QB the Bears have had or ever will have.

Lamar Jackson is fun as hell to watch, and is a big reason why the Ravens are 6-4 and in the playoff hunt. But he’s also something of a statistical anomaly: Out of QBs who have started at least ten games, no one has thrown for less yards than Jackson, who also leads his team in rushing. So, Jackson doesn’t throw a lot and is the guy running the most. Doesn’t this make it easy for teams to prepare for? Or is Jackson so good that the Ravens are Super Bowl contenders regardless of the fact that everyone knows what’s coming?

It’s a weird time to ask this question because the Ravens offense is fundamentally broken. They were Super Bowl contenders last year and expected to contend this year, but they have not been very good on offense. Seems like people have started to figure out how to defend them. Or they just all have COVID. Regardless, anytime he’s on the field, Jackson is a threat to score. If they sneak into the playoffs, they’ll be a real tough out.

Jack, we’re entering the holiday season, which means it’s time for people to spread cheer and joy wherever they go. With that in mind, I would like you to tell me about the NFC East-leading New York Giants, whom we have not covered at all this year. Even with a losing record, they’ve clawed and scratched their way to the top of the division, perhaps drawing inspiration from the Shakira song “Try Everything”.  What’s the best thing about them? What has surprised you? And how far can they go in the playoffs if they make it?

They best thing about them was Daniel Jones 80 yard run where he tripped over his own feet. I’m surprised that they’ve won a single game outside their division. At this point, whichever team has the most COVID free players is going to win the Super Bowl, so the Giants should probably start their own bubble just to be safe. If that happens, anything is possible.

Let’s look ahead to Week 13 and go for some predictions. I think the best games are Rams-Cardinals and Bills-49ers and the rest of the games are kind of a snooze. So… who do you like?

Well, the 49ers aren’t allowed to practice in their own county or meet with their families without first quarantining as per new rules from the county health department, so I’m going with the Bills. 

Rams-Cardinals is probably the best game of the weekend. It’ll be fun to see how Aaron Donald and Co matchup against Kyler Murray and Kingsbury’s offense. I think the Rams get the better of them and position themselves for a run to the division title.

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