Greetings and Hellos

Hey there everyone. My name is Joe. I’m one of the fancy fellows. However, I’m not much of a writer and most of my contributions will most likely be in the form of podcasts or videos, so I figured that I would type up a quick “howdy-do” to introduce myself. 

Just as my writer’s bio has foretold, I enjoy video games and comedy. I also enjoy sleep and food. You can bet that the majority of my contributions will be about three of those four things. Why only three? Because I’ll be doing the other one while I’m not doing the….other ones. As a matter of fact I should be asleep right now, considering the fact that in about two hours I will have been awake for 24 hours straight. That’s ok though, it was all in the name of that sweet, sweet content.   

I have recently, as in this weekend, started a podcast with my roommate that is loosely about movies. It’s called Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Conversation. Get it? My name is Joseph and movies are in Technicolor and we talk about them. It’s really quite clever.

So anyway, the idea is that we have been paying for AMC A List (Movie Pass) for a long time and never remember to use it, so this was a good excuse for us to finally make use of it.    Basically the idea of the podcast is that we go see a movie that is currently in the theater, take some notes about the entire experience from the moment we walked through the door and then use that experience as a jumping off point for whatever conversation may follow. Obviously it’s an inherently spoiler heavy show for movies that have potentially only been in the theater for a day or two, so…heads up on all that. Look for that here every Monday as well on podcast services everywhere, I think.   

Also, as previously mentioned, I enjoy video games and have been making videos about them for a few years now for the same reason as to why I started a movie podcast. I own a ton of games and I never have the time nor motivation to play them, so I started a YouTube channel about them as an excuse to play them….them. The channel has had many different iterations and names over the years, the most recent being BloodNGutsMurfy. Classy I know, but BloodNGutsMurfy is a Simpsons reference that has also been my gamertag for years so it just made an amount of sense to name the channel after it.   

My normal videos usually involve me digging up a game to showcase because its either a new release, is currently relevant for one reason or another, or I just plain ol’ feel like talking about it. I’ll usually give a quick intro to the game in the beginning and then continue to talk about it or things tangentially related to it as I play through it for anywhere from about 30 minutes to a couple hours. It’s a good time and I enjoy having the excuse to finally sit down with a game and share it with people, even if they’re not in the room. So don’t worry about me, at least I’M having a good time.   

That’s about it for me though. I also do stand up comedy from time to time, but this website really has nothing to do with that, so who cares? I’m just excited to finally have an audience to share my podcasts and videos with, as well as a group of people to collaborate with on who knows what in the future. The ever so fancy future.    Well, all right then, thanks for stopping by and keep and eye out for new episodes of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Conversation on Mondays and hopefully a BloodNGutsMurfy video every Wednesday. Now it’s time for bed.   





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