FBC NFL Mailbag Week 5

After a week off, we are back! Matt Drufke is feeding Brandon Andreasen and Brian Roman questions about what we have seen in the NFL and what is going on moving forward. As always, there will be Shakira references, because there is no god.

  1. We missed a mailbag last week, so let’s jump right in with America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys. Dak Prescott is looking as good as he ever has, Ezekiel Elliott has four touchdowns and the Cowboys defense has been able to hold off teams enough to let the offense lead the team to three straight wins and the lead in the NFC East. Just how good are the Cowboys? And is there any reason not to think this team couldn’t be a NFC contender?

    Brian: I think the Cowboys are a good team. They can borderline on great this year. They are the most complete team in that division. I liked Jaylon Smith, but losing him will have an effect, idk how much. But losing any part of the defense just doesn’t feel right for a team who struggles defensively. They will make the playoffs but will they be a feared team? Ehhhhh I can’t see it. They might make it to the next round but I don’t see them going beyond that. 

    Brandon: If their offense is humming like this, then this team can afford to get into track meets against other teams. The Cardinals have the best record in the NFC, but I’m still skeptical of them until they prove they can put it together over an entire season. After that? Every team in the NFC has questions marks. The Rams seem to have lost some momentum. Seattle has no defense. Green Bay has health issues on defense. Tampa has no secondary. I’m oddly starting to buy into the Panthers chances this season, but that’s another question for another day
  1. Well, the Bears seem to be where they always are: just good enough to not be guaranteed a good draft pick, but not good enough to believe they could win in the playoffs. The most exciting this about Chicago seemed to be David Montgomery, but he is now out 4-5 weeks with a knee injury. So, let’s try and see the glass from both sides: What is one reason to be excited about the Bears? And what is one reason to want to send the team, not just to Arlington Heights, but in the ocean forever?

    Brian: why be excited: Fields. That sums it up. Watching him grow week by week will be fun.
    Why not: for those who don’t know me, I’m a trade/free agent guy. I love the player movement. I look at all the OL traded/signed over the last two years and then I look at Jason Peters…….things like that annoy me beyond belief. I’m not saying the bears need Quenton Nelson from the Colts but some solid depth or a good starter would be nice. I know Fields is gonna have growing pains this year but having an OL would be nice, ESPECIALLY now that Montgomery is out. So the run game is gone, so teams aren’t gonna worry about that and just watch fields, which is gonna make his year very challenging. 

    Brandon: The easy answer to why you can be excited by the Bears is Fields, but we have to start paying attention to the defense again. After getting (rightfully) roasted after their week one dismantling, the defense has come together and is doing a good job of hiding their glaring weakness at nickel corner. First time coordinator Sean Desai, who has somehow survived three coaches in Chicago (he was hired by Mark Trestman!), is a Vic Fangio acolyte, and the defense is starting to look like it did before Vic went to beef with John Harbaugh in Denver. Robert Quinn looks every bit like the guy who got the huge contract last season. Hicks being injured hurts, but at some point soon, we are going to see a defense that has all of: Khalil Mack, Quinn, Hicks, Bilal Nichols, Eddie Goldman, Jaylen Johnson, and Eddie Jackson on it. Now if only the Bears had drafted Antoine Winfield Jr last year in the second round instead of wasting a pick on Cole Kmet…
    And just in case anyone thinks i’m only ragging on the Kmet pick now because he has been useless in two seasons. That’s incorrect. The day after the draft, I wrote https://fancyboysclub.com/2020/04/25/sorry-cole-kmet-was-a-bad-pick-no-matter-what-espn-radio-says/ in which I directly reference Antoine Winfield being the correct pick. I also hated the pick in real time, which you can read starting at the 6:53 mark https://fancyboysclub.com/2020/04/24/nfl-draft-live-blog-night-2-electric-boogaloo/
    I will never let this fact die.
  1. There is only one team without a loss in the NFL, and that team is the Cardinals. Arizona is looking good, but neither of you listed them as real threats this year. Is Arizona as good as their record is, or should we expect this team to lose steam?

    Brian: the Cardinals are going to be good. They have players in all the right spots and Murray is actually pretty good. I think they will be a solid team, but they will lose steam mid season. And then it’s gonna be the time for Murray to prove himself to the league if he’s a good quarterback or if he’s gonna take the next step. UNFORTUNATELY, that division might hold them back. 

    Brandon: Maybe it’s just that my brain is wired for the Cardinals to be some after thought playing in a godless scorpion haven, but i’m not totally sold on them yet. As I mentioned above, the NFC has a lot of flawed teams. The Cardinals have been able to cover up their defensive flaws with a great offense, but they can’t keep getting away with dicking around with teams like the Jaguars, as they did two weeks ago. They are going to run up on a team that can clamp down a lead and keep it. Over their next six games, they have the 49ers twice, the Texans, the Browns, Packers, and Panthers. If they come out of that run 4-2, then i’ll be ready to declare them Super Bowl contenders.
  1. Let’s talk about something that happened off the field, because my favorite NFL story happened in the unlikeliest of places: Jacksonville, Florida. Rookie head coach Urban Meyer is in a little bit of hot water as video emerged of a young lady doing a little dirty dancing against him in his family restaurant. A few questions: Why does this matter? Is Meyer a good coach? Would the reaction be different if they were doing a different dance like the Chicken Dance or Macarena?

    Brian: I don’t even know…..It would have been better if he was dancing the Douggie and the girl was puking. I think he WAS a good coach. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. His team sucks and he’s just looking to get fired. This won’t cut it, he needs to reach out to Mike Tice for advice on how to get fired. 

    Brandon: So, the Urban Meyer shitshow didn’t just begin over the past week. This has been going on since pretty much the day he got hired. Remember back in February, when he hired Chris Doyle to be their strength and conditioning coach? This was the same Chris Doyle who got fired from the same job at the University of Iowa for credible claims of being a racist jerkoff. Meyer initially defended him, before caving to public and team pressure. He is the same guy who brought in a 34 year old Tim Tebow to play as a tight end, a position he had never played before. This is the same guy, who inherited a team that had two first round picks and needed a talent infusion all over the field, so he used his second first round pick on a running back, Travis Etienne, in spite of the fact that running back was the only position on the Jaguars the previous season that WASN’T an issue. Then Etienne went and got injured in training camp and is out for the year.
    Urban Meyer might have been a good college coach. That is not hte same thing as being a good NFL coach. THe best NFL coaches are maniacal sociopaths who spend their time trying to figure out how to slide a protection just perfectly so they can get a tight end to bounce out free in the flat for a key third down pickup in a game that might not happen for another seven weeks. They don’t stay in Ohio after a Thursday night football game and grind on coeds.
  1. PREDICTION TIME: Here are your five games for this week. Take your best shot with these match-ups: Rams-Seahawks, Bears-Raiders, Browns-Chargers, 49ers-Cardinals, and Bills-Chiefs. Who you got?

    Brian: – Rams: I think -Mack will have a nice revenge game, but the loss of Montgomery will hurt and it’s going to show sadly: RAIDERS- browns: Chubb 3 tds- Cardinals – chiefs

    Brandon: what…the…fuck. How have we gotten to the end of this without a Shakira reference? Did Matt forget? Is he getting soft in his old age. Well, since he forgot, here is a completely out of context Shakira lyric from her song 23: God knows that I’m a good dancer, My feet can move to the music he play, But there were times I asked for an answer, When he was acting in mysterious ways.
    Rams, Bears, Browns, Cardinals, Bills.

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