FBC NFL Power Rankings Week 5

To make up for the fact that nobody seems to be reading the words I have to say, i’m going to try a different tact. This week, every team is going to be represented by a meme I made of them. That’ll show you illiterates!
I made all of these memes myself, which it turns out is mind numbingly dumb. Congrats to all the people who make memes all day only to have the Grape Juice Boys steal from them. You guys are the real heroes.

1: Arizona Cardinals

2: Buffalo Bills

3: Los Angeles Rams

4: Green Bay Packers

5: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6: Cleveland Browns

7: Baltimore Ravens

8: Dallas Cowboys

9: Los Angeles Chargers

10: Kansas City Chiefs

11: Carolina Panthers

12: Denver Broncos

13: Las Vegas Raiders

14: Cincinnati Bengals

15: New Orleans Saints

16: Seattle Seahawks

17: San Francisco 49ers

18: Washington Football Team

19: New England Patriots

20: Tennessee Titans

21: Chicago Bears

22: Philadelphia Eagles

23: Minnesota Vikings

24: Pittsburgh Steelers

25: New York Jets

26: New York Giants

27: Miami Dolphins

28: Indianapolis Colts

29: Atlanta Falcons

30: Detroit Lions

1,288,901: Getting forced to play a porn version of Squid Game, but everyone else in the game is Ving Rhames.

41,275,129: Houston Texans

599,423,981: Jacksonville Jaguars

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