FBC NFL Mailbag Week 3

Sorry for the delay everyone! Brandon is lazy and can’t do copy and paste without having a gun to his head. Enjoy!

  • Let’s start by talking about Aaron Rodgers. It cannot be understated to how bad his week 1 performance was. He was so awful that the rumor that he only resigned with Green Bay so that he could deliberately tank the season seemed plausible. But with Monday night’s win over the Lions, he seemed his usual superhuman self, going 22-27 and throwing 4 TDs and 0 INTs. If the Packers seemed clueless to start the season, they looked like the NFC champs Brandon thought they could be this week. So, which is it? Which version of the Packers are we more likely to see on any given Sunday?
    • Brian-Aaron Rodgers is who we thought he was. He is one of the most fun players to watch, at least in my opinion, and always has been. Rodgers is the only player I’ve put in the same ballpark as Brady when it comes to making things happen. The Packers are always contenders as long as they have Rodgers. Factor-in Adams, Jones, Tonyan, and their good enough defense, and you can always consider them a lock for the playoffs and beyond. Anyone who thinks otherwise probably owns a Dak Prescott jersey.
    • Brandon-The caveat of Monday night being that they were playing a Lions team that would struggle to .500 in the Arena Football League. That said, Aaron Rodgers is still one of the three or four best people on the planet at what he does. Barring injuries, this is still a 12-13 win team who has a shot at getting a first round bye in the playoffs and cashing me a bet or two by making the Super Bowl.
  • Unlike the Bears, both the Jets and Jaguars decided to throw their new rookie quarterbacks into starting roles immediately, and the results have not been good. Who are the two leaders in interceptions so far? Zach Wilson of the New York Jets and Jacksonville’s Trevor Lawrence. Neither team has won a game and I doubt either team will be a favorite this year unless they’re playing each other. So, questions: Will either Wilson or Lawrence get a chance to succeed? And who is the better quarterback?
    • Brian-Lawrence will end up better. Wilson reminds me too much of Mark Sanchez. I think this next offseason will really let us know who’s going to be set up for success moving forward. But overall I think Lawrence should have the better career.
    • Brandon-I think it’s genuinely possible neither quarterback ends up being any good. Drafting QB’s can be a total crapshoot. The attrition rate is high. There is a reason we are answering questions like the one above about Aaron Rodgers when he is in his 17th year in the league, when there is a litany of guys who played the position who were drafted higher than him and more recently who aren’t anywhere near the NFL anymore. For every Aaron Rodgers, there are way more Jake Lockers, Christian Ponders, and Paxton Lynchs.
      That being said, give them both a chance. Peyton Manning didn’t exactly tear it up in his first year in the NFL, and look what he became…the older brother to uber successful Eli Manning.
  • Let’s turn our attention to Tennessee, where the Titans are 1-1 following a win over Seattle. Their plan seems to be what it always is: let Derrick Henry try and run over everyone and hope the defense can come up with stops when needed. It is impossible to overstress how important Henry is to the Titans: QB Ryan Tannehill has thrown for only one touchdown this season. Is Henry enough for Tennessee to be competitive? Can Tannehill be successful if a team chose to put ten men on the line of scrimmage? And how sad is the newly acquired Julio Jones, who will be lucky if he can widely receive 50 catches this season?
    • Brian-I can care less about the Titans. I almost felt for a few minutes this off-season that they could be legit. Eh. Julio is not who he once was and the diehard Julio fans are starting to realize that too. I knew Julio would be a non-factor on a team that has zero deep threat ability. Tannehill has never impressed me. He’s a more-liked version of Jimmy G and by the grace of luck has Henry there to make him look like he’s a legit quarterback. I’ve said it all off-season, Tannehill is gonna regress to be even more of a mediocre quarterback. With that suspect defense, and Henry being run down every week, that team will probably make the playoffs but will double doink themselves in their first game by trying to think Tannehill can win a shootout against a team like the Chargers or Browns. 
    • Brandon-I wish Brian had told me his confidence in Tannehill falling off before the season so I could avoid him in a couple drafts. THAT being said, the Titans are contenders if everyone stays healthy. 2000 yard running backs don’t grow on trees. That’s why there are only a few of them in NFL history. Derrick Henry does not get the credit he deserves, and if he was doing what he was doing in New England or New York, he would be a national story every week.
      I still believe in Julio Jones. He won me fantasy leagues over the years, and you don’t give up on a relationship like that.
  • Three teams have 2-0 records in the NFC west, and each have interesting quarterback situations. Which team needs their QB the most: the Cardinals with Kyler Murray, the Rams with Matthew Stafford, or the 49ers with a Jimmy Garoppolo/Trey Lance combo?
    • Brian- the Cardinals. The Rams have that nasty defense and Bears fans know what an elite defense can do for a team, just ask Sexy Rexy. The Niners are in a similar boat, only their OL is a massive plus. The Cardinals defense has looked really good but who knows if that’s only a hot start and if it’ll fizzle out. That defense is refreshed this year. If that defense has really taken a turn this year in a positive direction, the Cardinals can be dangerous. Having the best wideout in the league and hopefully a resurgence of AJ Green (I hope), plus a very fast quarterback who can sling it, can be very hard to stop. I am truly in awe of that division as a whole. So much talent. Out of this division: Id love to see Stafford win himself a playoff game or two. 
    • Brandon-I think 49ers fans need their quarterback situation the most. They have no chance of winning a championship with either quarterback, but Lance still gives them hope. And if I remember anything from Shawshank Redemption, it’s that hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing.
      But Brian is, unfortunately, right. Quick, off the top of your head, who is the quarterback for the Cardinals? If you said Colt McCoy, then congratulations, you looked at the Cardinals depth chart when I asked. Colt McCoy has had a very impressive career for someone as untalented as him. He’s like a football Kardashian, but he isn’t winning anything as the quarterback of the Cardinals.
  • Prediction time! Brandon went a MISERABLE 1-4 last week for a total record of 4-6, while Brian’s 3-2 Week 2 has him at 7-3. Here are the week three matches I want you to give a shot at. Don’t be afraid to “Try Everything”, as Shakira would tell us(snuck it in there!): Chargers-Chiefs, Bucs-Rams, Dolphins-Raiders, Colts-Titans and Eagles-Cowboys.
    • Brian-Gotta love those standings! Bogal getting those wins! To be the man, you gotta beat the man babay! WOOOOO!!
    • Chiefs (game of the week)Bucs (Decided by 3 or less)Raiders (unless Miami signs Dan Marino)Titans (same as above, just insert Luck)Dallas (eh 🤷🏻‍♂️)

Brandon-Jesus, I really didn’t need this thrown in my face. I never let Bogal back into the fantasy football league for reasons like this…that and the ridiculous trade offers he would send me. Day. and. Night. Anyway, lets recover this week with: Chiefs, Rams, Raiders, Titans, and Eagles.

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