Fancy Boys NFL Mailbag: Week 2

The mailbag is back! Every week, Matt Drufke has questions about the NFL. Every week, Brandon Andreasen and Brian Roman answer questions from Matt. Let’s dive in!

  1. I’m going to lead off with the one question I didn’t ask last week, and that was about all of the quarterback changes among teams this year. Much like the hit Shakira banger, “Try Everything”, a lot of teams decided to try new starters. Fifteen teams- nearly half of the NFL- have new QBs starting this year. Of those, 8 won in this opening week of football- Matthew Stafford of the Rams, Jameis Winston of the Saints, Tyrod Taylor of the Texans, Justin Herbert of the Chargers, Tua Tagovailoa of the Dolphins, Sam Darnold of the Panthers, Teddy Bridgewater of the Broncos and Jalen Hurts of the Eagles. Of these eight, which was the best pickup? And how many of these eight are going to be watching the playoffs at home?

Brian: Easily Matt Stafford. You gotta respect his individual career numbers. He did all that while playing for the lions…..the Detroit lions. Barry Sanders and Megatron have to be so green watching their football dream happening and it’s not them. Stafford has a powerful arm and is in a system that uses so much motion and trickery on the eyes, it’s gonna be easy for Stafford to hit 4,500 and honestly even 5,000 yards easily this year. Toss in a solid group of receivers, some kid named Jalen Ramsey and some old timer named Aaron Donald, and that team is gonna be legit now with Stafford. ****He’s been barely noticed in 12 years in the league, now it’s his time to prove to the league and the fans that he’s a legit, shall I say elite quarterback. I’m all for Stafford this year. Good for him.*****
At home: tyrod, Darnold, hurts, teddy. 
Tua, Winston…..ehhhh borderline. Those two can go either way for me 

Brandon: I’ve been singing the praises of Matt Stafford for nearly as long as i’ve been ignoring Matt’s Shakira references. The Rams currently have two of the ten best defensive players in football. They have two great receivers and now have a quarterback who can helm this offense and really unlock it’s quality. For those that pay attention to my Power Rankings, I have the Rams all the way up to three this week, behind only the defending champion Bucs and the Chiefs. The Rams could potentially be a Super Bowl contender with Stafford at QB.

Of the eight who won, Tua, Darnold, Taylor, and Bridgewater are definitely going to be making vacation plans during the playoffs. I need more time on Jameis and Jalen. Stafford is in.

  1. Bears time!The Bears opened their season with a disappointing 34-14 loss to the Rams. The defense, who was supposed to be what could stop this season from being a nightmare, seemed porous and allowed many big plays for new Rams QB Matthew Stafford. But the Bears did have a few bright spots, including a 108-yard rushing performance from David Montgomery. What happened to this Bears defense? And what, if anything, can the Bears use as inspiration of things they did well?

Brian: The bears defense looked slow and lacked any kind of threat. At one point Khalil Mack was dangerous to opposing offenses……I don’t think Quinn made the flight to LA. Hicks and Smith did their thing and did it well. Eddie Jackson must have the same eye condition Jameis Winston had two years ago because that dude must be blind. He’s either lazy or just lost any ability to make plays anymore. Losing Fuller hurt the fans but especially hurt the defenses ability to be feared. We just **gave** the rest of the league the answers for our defense. 
Inspiration: run game, run game, run game welcome back run game! Montgomery actually learned how to run fast and it showed! Loved seeing him hit the holes. ***and against last years #1 defense*** Williams still needs more plays and if Cohen comes back to form, it’s gonna be fun. All receiving options did really well. Despite two OL getting banged up, it really wasn’t a “sack fest” for the Rams defense. Donald was held in check fairly well. Dalton wasn’t the worst thing- except that opening drive pick. Patience is key. Keep running the ball well. Use extra tight ends for blockers.

Brandon: Not to be a dick, but the people who were saying the Bears were an elite defense still were either not paying attention, or just don’t understand football. They were able to look okay against a soft part of the schedule towards the end of last season. But because general manager Ryan Pace is terrible at his job, he invested a Brinks truck full of money on aging players on the defense, which meant there wasn’t enough money to go around for people like Kyle Fuller, who was still good at his position, because they had to keep Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn paid.

Eddie Jackson should be embarrassed for the paycheck he is cashing every week. He is the poster child for players who got paid then quit trying hard. He hasn’t been playing at a starter level for over a year now, and he is being paid like the best safety in the NFL.

  1. Let’s talk about the rest of the NFC North, considering no team in that division won a fucking game. What the hell is going on with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, a team Brandon thought was among the best in the league? Is Jared Goff the answer in Detroit? Will the Vikings be able to stop ANYBODY? And has the NFC North somehow become the worst division in the NFL?

Brian: Too early to really know what’s going on with Rodgers. As a legit football fan and a fan of watching Rodgers play the game, I’d like to have one more year of him balling out. Idk if he’s gonna play hard, just walk away, get traded, who knows. 
The lions…..who cares 
I actually watched that Vikings game and I was honestly very very VERY impressed…….with the Bengals on all sides of the ball. I thought next week would be easy for the Bears. Think again. But the Vikings lacked discipline and as always a consistent enough defense. I honestly think cousins is gonna be below average and be the reason they lose a few games. Good. I hope they get rid of him. 
The ***AFC south*** has that title. Unless Rodgers says fuck it and retires then we have a chance to be the worst. 

Brandon: The Bears fan in me is at the graveyard, digging the whole to throw the Aaron Rodgers era into. The NFL fan in me thinks that the Packers will figure this out and will get this figured out.

Brian is correct, nobody cares about the Lions.

I’ve been right about the Vikings being bums since long before this season started. I have a gambling column every week over at and last week I picked the Bengals to beat the Vikings. This week, in my post that will come out on Thursday, I basically tear the team apart, because it gives me so much joy.

  1. Let’s discuss Thursday’s night game, which featured yet another victory from the ageless Tom Brady. Social media went nuts on Friday morning saying that the fix was in for the Bucs and that the refs were just as responsible for the win as any member of Tampa Bay.  Is there any merit to those arguments? Or are those just people upset that Tom Brady won an overtime game then probably went home to his happy marriage and his supermodel wife?

Brian: come on, really? Next question.

Brandon: I’ll try to answer part of this: Yes, Tom Brady gets a lot of bullshit calls. The end of the Thursday Night Football game is a good example of that. They invented the rule that you weren’t allowed to hit the quarterback at or below the knees just because Tom Brady got hurt one time because of it. The NFL has to protect their precious.

For the other part. Fuck Tom Brady’s happy life. He’s still that out of shape dingus from Michigan deep down ,and he knows it.

  1. PREDICTION TIME: Let’s look at five games from week two and tell me who you have winning: 49ers-Eagles, Chiefs-Ravens, Bengals-Bears, Raiders-Steelers and Lions-Packers. Who you got?

Brian: Niners (in a close one)Chiefs (blowout)Bears by a hair (it’ll be daltons best game in a bears uniform)Steelers (that defense is just nasty, like Janet Jackson style nasty)Packers (but I would love to see the lions win if Rodgers says fuck it mid snap in the first drive)

Brandon: As much as I want to…yea screw it, i’m going to, I’ll take the Eagles in the upset. The Chiefs are going to beat what is left of the Ravens. The Bengals beat the Bears. The Steelers beat the Raiders, and the Packers are going to put up 50 points on the Lions on Monday Night Football to remind people that the Lions have no business being on national television.

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